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InfoComm 2016
8 Jun to 10 Jun

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Broadcast Asia 2016
31 May to 3 Jun

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Support for our smaller studio products is handled via our FAQ system. There is a wealth of information in it so please try to answer your questions there first. If you can’t find an answer then use the FAQ Ask A Question interface & our Support team will respond.

SSL Studio Products SSL console grade technology for studios of all sizes

SSL Studio Products lead the way in delivering hybrid production systems that combine the very best of analogue & digital audio technology with hands on control over the DAW environment. Our products provide the superior sound of high grade analogue & digital hardware and harness the flexibility of the software world with the accelerated workflow of hardware control. Each engineer has their own very personal creative approach. Different types of music and different projects present different technical challenges and demand different workflow. SSL’s products offer a range of options and approaches that let producers work their own way.

Consoles / Controllers Analogue Processing & Summing Audio Converters & Routers Duende Native Plug-in Collection


Industry leading large format hybrid SuperAnalogueTM console & DAW controller


The unique Remote Controlled Analogue Summing System and studio monitor controller with iPad control

Alpha-Link MX

New generation SSL quality 16/4 and 4/16 channel A-D/D-A converters with versatile cascade system

Bus Compressor

Classic Analogue, now Digital. The sound of the legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor in a plug-in


Hugely successful mid scale hybrid SuperAnalogueTM console and DAW controller


Small but perfectly formed SSL 20 input summing mixer and studio monitor controller

Alpha Link SX, AX & Live-R

64 channel MADI to 24 channel digital and 24 channel SSL quality A-D/D-A converters


The Classic SSL Console Channel Strip. Parametric EQ, Dynamics and Filters with the unique SSL sound


Ultimate personal hybrid studio centre piece combines analogue summing, analogue router and DAW control


SSL’s proprietary modular Total-Recall rack system with 12 different mic pre, processing and summing modules


Direct connection of Pro Tools HD systems to converters digital consoles and routers


SSL class studio reverb ‘in the box’ gives you hardware standard reverb with superb depth and detail.


A modern twist on the classic 24/8 analogue studio console with integral 500 format rack


Cute little desktop box with two X-Rack format module slots


High performance PCIe card interfaces for Mac or PC DAW systems


Intuitive frequency specific phase control tool for correcting awkward phase issues


Superb DAW control surface for the professional inside the box producer

Classic 1U Bus-Comp

The legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor in its 1U rack format

Network I/O

Superior SSL technology and sound for Dante IP Audio Networks


Mastering grade 10 band parametric EQ, where each band can be set to a different type of EQ

500 Format Modules

A selection of classic SSL processors for the popular 500 format modular rack format


Versatile And Cost Effective 8 Port MADI Router/Splitter/Aggregator System.


Extremely versatile stereo compressor with genuinely professional features, results and interface


An affordable SSL analogue front end or your DAW with mic pre, filters, EQ and A/D converter

MADI Opti-Coax

A handy little in-line converter between Optical and Coaxial MADI cable formats


Versatile analogue distortion circuit emulation brings analogue style edge for your digital recordings/td>

Alpha-VHD Pre

Four of our acclaimed Variable Harmonic Drive pre’s in a single rack unit


Fully featured channel compressor with a valve style saturation stage done the SSL way


A suite of processors that take drum sounds from ordinary to exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps.


The fast track to a professional vocal performance with the right four vocal processing tools in one plug-in