SSL 500 Series Modules catalogue and cart catalogue

Classic SSL analogue processing for the API 500 format rack

The SSL big console sound has been available in 12 different modules for our own modular X-Rack system for many years. The system enjoys a large and enthusiastic customer base with more than 15,000 modules sold. X-Rack users reap the benefits of the very high-quality power supply and on board TotalRecallTM offered by the X-Rack system. The release of modules for the widely-used 500 format modular rack platform makes a small slice of the SSL sound available to a wider group of users.

SSL's range of modules for the 500 series rack format currently consists of four different modules; the classic Stereo Bus Compressor which has featured on every model of SSL large format analogue console, E-Series EQ and E-Series Dynamics modules which deliver the legendary sound of the channel strip processing from SSL's 1980's E-Series console, and the incredibly versatile VHD Pre input module which can deliver ultra clean recordings or a range of more saturated tonal characteristics.

Stereo Bus Compressor for 500 format

Bus Comp Module

Classic Stereo Bus Compressor

E-Series Dynamics for 500 series racks

E-Series Dyn Module

Classic console channel Dynamics

E-Series EQ for 500 series racks

E-Series EQ Module

Classic console channel EQ



Uniquely versatile preamp with VHD