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Gravity OEM & Licensing


Gravity OEM & Licensing

SSL has invested more than 70 man years of software technology in its Gravity Media Asset Management technology. With a number of systems successfully installed and operational, SSL has now chosen to work exclusively with experienced industry partners through OEM and licensing partnerships. SSL has a range of asset management and video production tools.


Market Sectors

Multi-media Production Workflow
Single, multi-site or cloud based workflow with encoding, transcoding, editing and archiving.

News Production workflow for full integration with station infrastructure. Gravity Studio Recorder for traditional linear video workflow emulation.

IPTV for multi-camera real time capture, broadcast and archiving.

Secure multi-camera capture, web and LAN based multi-view monitoring, and archiving.

Multi-camera / endoscope capture, web, LAN and videoconference interfacing and archiving.

Multi-camera plus presentation capture, distribution and archiving tools for distance learning.

Gravity Technology

Gravity is a suite of Windows applications that can be used together in different combinations to address specific workflows and system requirements. The platform is format and codec independent. At the core, the system uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and describes content and other elements within an industry standard SQL database.

The applications themselves are configurable, can provide high levels of redundancy including complete mirroring, and lend themselves to customisation to suit a user’s needs. Gravity solutions such as the Surgical Recorder have been developed from the core technology for specific user applications. Interfaces to other IT applications, such as for the Broadcast MOS protocol, have also been developed to meet particular needs.

Encodes multiple streams at different data rates and formats from a single SD or HD source

Plays out stored or actively recording files to analogue or digital baseband video.

MediaWAN Server
Fully redundant, high-availability media storage device serving Gravity media clients with centralized files and streams.

Data Server
SQL database with sophisticated media tag and search capabilities.

Gravity Asset Manager
The centre of the system, GAM allows users to capture, playout, move, monitor and manage media assets across the entire system.

Package Production Tool
A surprisingly capable but straightforward editor that can access content a few seconds after ingest commences.

Final Cut Pro Plug-in
Direct import/export via Apple XML.

Near real-time editing of pass-through channels for ad replacement and culturally sensitive editing.

Media Manager
Manages copying, deleting, transcoding and exporting operations for the system.

Web Browser
Provides web based browse, search, sub- clipping, playlist, metadata changing and playback functionality.

Studio Monitor
Monitosr video streams from multiple devices (encoders & decoders) on a single screen.

Gravity Studio Recorder
A workflow compatible replacement for VTRs in Broadcast applications.

Gravity Surgical Recorder
Specifically developed for use with endoscopes, records ancillary camera sources and interfaces to videoconferencing.