Over the years, SSL has pioneered advances in console technology providing ever more intelligent and efficient means to assist the creative process, providing customers with a vital commercial advantage.



Mynx is a cool desktop mini X-Rack that allows you to load your choice from the X-Rack module range into a simple two module slot desktop box.


Matrix is a SuperAnalogue 16 channel, 40 input mixing console with inbuilt signal router and multi-layer digital workstation control. It is designed to bring the soul of analogue sound into the process of digital workflow by providing the tools to work effectively in both domains simultaneously. Matrix shapes the project studio around the user’s workflow, providing a complete tool set to integrate analogue and digital technology, it’s also portable enough to move to wherever the creativity happens.


MadiXtreme is a new family of multichannel PCIe to MADI audio interface cards for Mac and PC from Solid State Logic. Featuring our revolutionary PCIe-Core Audio Pipeline technology, MadiXtreme is one of the first audio devices to take full advantage of the high speeds and incredible bandwidth offered by the PCIe bus on modern computers. There are two versions available; the single head MadiXtreme64 and the dual head MadiXtreme 128.

Duende PCIe

Duende puts the legendary SSL sound inside your workstation hardware and makes harnessing the power of the renowned Duende Plug-Ins more integrated than ever. PCIe is a high bandwidth, half length, full height slot-in PCIe card that works in both PCs and Macs. This card is ideal for those who work with lots of external firewire equipment, or those who want to integrate their SSL processing and workstation into a single case unit.


Pro-Convert is audio project translation software that facilitates the exchange of projects between Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). The application is designed to make it much easier and quicker to move projects between producers or facilities where different DAWs are in daily use. Pro-convert is designed to break down the creative and technical constraints presented by ‘industry standard’ DAW environments.

Duende Mini

Duende Mini is a one third rack width, all metal construction, desktop box that hooks up to a computer via Firewire. This compact rugged unit is ideal for small studios or laptop based DAW users.

Duende Plug-In X-Comp

X-Comp delivers mastering grade audio fidelity with a distinctly analogue feel and can be used for everything from ‘invisible’ subtle dynamic control for mastering, to dramatic ‘brick wall’ effects that inject raw energy and power that competes with the legendary SSL Listen Mic Compressor.



Duality is an analogue large format music console that carries the DNA of the SSL E, G & K Series, that through the decades have defined and redefined what a music console should be. Duality takes the evolution into its next great leap forward by splicing the Digital Audio Workstation control and integration concepts of the AWS 900+ and all of the visual feedback advantages of the TFT displays from our C Series digital consoles into SSL's analogue DNA.

C Series - HD Range

The C100 HD and C300 HD launched to cater for the increasing demand of consoles capable of HD operation and new formats.

Duende Plug-In Drumstrip

Building on the success of Duende, SSL releases Drumstrip, a drum processing plug-in for Duende.

Duende Plug-In X-EQ

X-EQ is an open and transparent sounding parametric EQ that provides the user with a truly comprehensive range of EQ tools within an intuitive user interface.

XLogic X-Rack

X-Rack module range enhanced with VHD Mic Pre and classic Stereo Bus Compressor modules.

XLogic Alpha VHD Pre

VHD Pre adds four SSL mic preamps to any line level DAW audio interface, transforming it into a professional quality, multi-channel analogue recording system.


Mixpander is a 64-channel PCI audio interface for PCs designed to be used in conjunction with XLogic Alpha-Link Audio Converter range.

XLogic X-Rack

X-Rack modules expanded to include 8 and 4 input modules plus master module options to create a complete summing solution.



Duality is a large-format production console that combines the analogue sonics of legendary SSL E, G & K Series consoles with extended Digital Audio Workstation integration capabilities.

AWS 900+

The new AWS 900+ builds on the successful AWS 900 formula by adding even tighter integration and better control over major DAW platforms, enhanced displays and meters, and a sleek ‘platinum’ styling.

Duende Plug-Ins

Based on the digital technology behind SSL’s C-Series consoles, Duende delivers the complete SSL mix experience through integrated, powerful plug-ins served up on a custom DSP platform and featuring powerful channel and dynamics processing and the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor.

Alpha-Link & Delta-Link

Xlogic Alpha-Link Audio I/O Product Range is a new collection of highly flexible and fully featured multi-channel Audio Converters for Studio, Live and Broadcast Applications at an incredible price/performance ratio.

XLogic Delta Link MADI HD is a professional MADI Converter for Studio, Live and Broadcast Applications. Delta Link MADI HD facilitates direct interconnectivity between Digidesign ProTools|HD® systems and MADI enabled audio equipment.

XLogic Alpha Channel

Alpha Channel is a classic analogue channel strip designed to provide the perfect front end to your Digital Audio Workstation.

XLogic X-Rack

X-Rack module range enhanced with SuperAnalogue Mic Amp and EQ modules.


C Series

The C300 is launched to critical and commercial success, once again establishing SSL's know-how in the post and film industries.


This milestone year also saw the release of our first plug-in - the LMC-1 - modelled after the acclaimed Listen Mic Compressor from our legendary audio consoles.


In addition, X-Rack joined the XLogic range of products - bringing SuperAnalogue audio quality to a scalable rack system.


AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System

Solid State Logic’s AWS 900 is a revolutionary combination of a compact world-class analogue mixing console and a comprehensive DAW controller. Based on SSL’s flagship XL 9000 K Series console, the AWS 900 provides everything you need to record, edit and mix professional projects – just add the workstation of your choice.


C Series

Introduction of the C100 and C200 consoles. The C100 is a revolutionary new dedicated broadcast console that incorporates many new technology developments including a compact “all-in-one” rack design, scalable control surface, TFT channel metering displays and full 5.1 surround capabilities. The C200 is an evolutionary product based on the successful MTP control surface. The C200 shares the same processor and DSP technology with the C100 and the TFT metering displays.


15 C Series consoles are sold in the first 90 days after its introduction to the market. Clients include – Danish Radio, NHK, ABC, NBA, The Golf Channel, The Disney Channel (Japan).


The Xlogic range was introduced.
A range of 19" rack-mounting outboard signal processing units, developed from the renowned XL 9000 K Series console, including the XL Channel and World’s first analogue dedicated 5.1 Compressor.


XL 9000 K Series

The new Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Series is the first analogue console to provide the dual benefits of a full 5.1 surround architecture and the increased bandwidth and resolution needed for DVD-Audio and SACD.

The XL provides both outstanding audio quality and comprehensive multichannel surround capabilities in SSL's first new analogue console since the introduction of the J Series in 1994.


MT Production

In one of the most dramatic SSL product revisions to date, the entire digital console range was enhanced to new levels of capability and flexibility, including the very latest HS control processing.

MT Production (MTP) now provides the power of a digital in-line mix architecture in a configuration optimised for large-scale television production and music. With a compact and light frame, the console is exceptionally well suited to restricted space and weight environments, such as remote trucks.


SL 4000 G +

The SL 4000 G+ Classic console provided 5.1 capabilities and extensive functionality in a highly cost effective package representing the most advanced edition of the world's most popular in-line console.


Aysis Air Mobile

Aysis Air Mobile provided the same functional excellence of Aysis Air, within an architecture specifically designed for mobile applications.

MixTrack offered a 24-bit, 96-track hard disk recording option totally integrated within the Axiom-MT digital multi-track console.


Axiom MT

Axiom MT combined the proven technology of the A Series system with SSL's instantly familiar and world-wide accepted control surface to provide a digital multi-track console with an analogue-intuitive operator interface.

Aysis Air

Designed for on-air broadcasting and production.



The first application-specific derivatives of the A Series appeared.
Avant, designed for film and post production mixing



Next in the new A Series was Aysis, a highly flexible, compact, all digital production system which proved immensely popular in limited space applications such as OB vehicles, and with post houses specialising in long form television work.



The first product in a completely new range of totally digital audio post production and broadcast systems. Axiom represented a fresh approach to digital audio production, providing knob-per-function ergonomics in a tapeless, dynamically automated environment.


The milestone 1000th analogue console was installed at London's Town House Studios.

SL 9000 J Series

Not content with 'mere success', SSL then launched the SL 9000 J, an all new "super" analogue mixing console with advanced automation and computer control facilities. Top facilities around the world, from Ocean Way in Los Angeles to Nippon Columbia in Japan quickly invested in this superb audio console.



Offering all the capabilities of Scenaria but with the addition of multi-format surround sound facilities and a host of advanced creative processing possibilities. SSL's pioneering work in the digital audio for post production domain was recognised by the awarding of the prestigious Queen's Award for Technological Achievement and the Television Broadcast Award for Engineering Excellence.

SL 8000 GB

Also introduced in 1993, the SL 8000 GB, the ultimate analogue broadcast and multitrack recording console, combining the outstanding sonic performance and signal processing of the G+ with the high level of functionality required for on-air production.



A radical new audio post production tool was launched, uniquely combining a fully automated mixing system with an integrated random access digital recorder/editor and random access video


Ultimation and SL 8000 G

Ultimation, SSL's automated fader system was launched. In the same year, SSL solved multi-format problems by introducing a highly flexible console, the SL 8000 G, which was designed to handle surround sound film formats, including Dolby SRD and SDDS as well as simple stereo mixes. This console was awarded the Professional Choice Award for Audio Technology and a TEC Award.


ScreenSound pioneered non-linear audio for video. Quickly establishing a large number of international devotees in the post production and broadcast sector, ScreenSound was acclaimed for its speed, ease of use and creative flexibility. So successful was ScreenSound that in 1990 SSL introduced SoundNet - the world's first multi-use digital networking system.


The SL 4000 E was awarded the prestigious UK Design Council Award, having revolutionised studio management with Total Recall. Later that same year, SSL received its first Queen's Award for Export Achievement. Through the 1980's SSL continued to expand its range of products, establishing itself as the premier expert in audio technology for the music, film and broadcast industries.


The SL 4000 B integrated a studio computer system with an in-line audio console.

AWS 900+